Nuance Prog Rock Festival


Nuance Progressive / Rock / Experimental Art Festival is for all progressive rock lovers. It showcases alternative rock bands from southern Ontario. It is a MUST SHOW TO SEE if your a lover of progressive rock. I still can’t believe that I have never heard of this festival before and better yet, it’s a 20 minute walk from my house!!!

I just opened up a local newsletter called The Mirror and I came across this interesting article. As you can see from link, it comes across like a traditional like ART Festival, but when you go and look at the official Nuance link from the article, it’s so much more!

This years lineup features Wilton Said, Lorne Hind, The Rebel Wheel (which reminds me of very early Spiro Giro, a early influence on my style of playing) and Counter Point (these guys sound like they are heavily influenced by YES’s, Relayer album)

So if you get the chance, come on out to the 2008 Nuance and be a Sound Chaser like the rest of us! Hey, isn’t that you Tony on keyboards? I never knew you were in YES?

NOTE: Tony, Domenic and Jon, I expect you to show up!

Keep om Jammin’

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