Pylis and Vigilants at SJC Dufferin Campus


My old band Pylis and this other great band called Vigilants, another of Brantford’s many fabulous 80’s bands, planned on playing this tune called Battle Scar at the old St. John’s College Dufferin campus gym. It was a big deal back then to all of us from a rather smallish town with not all that much to do.

We practiced in this really cool, old meat locker beside a now defunct Roller Town in Brantford. We played this song together to death at this location and it was perfect. To all you musicians out there, imagine the sound you would get with 2 drummers, 2 bass players, 1 great keyboardist and 3 guitar players playing one tune together… does REALLY LOUD COME TO MIND!!!

After many months practicing in the same facility, we decided to do a concert together and this was going to be the last song of the night. As luck would have it, Vigilants had so many unforeseen soundboard problems that cut short the night dramatically. I felt so bad for them … and for the song Battle Scar!

Keep on Jammin’

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  1. oma says

    I know how it was difficult those days to arrange such any event or concert dwelling from a small town. :) Reviving 80’s music would be great, I wish you good luck to your endeavor.

  2. Todd Cote says

    I used to work at a bar in Huntingdon, QC back in the 80’s called the Cul de Sac.
    I have great memories of the band Vigilants playing there… Mark, Pete, Slam and Boges, a great party band and a great bunch of guys…big fans of Helix!
    Are these guys still around?

  3. Steve says

    Remembering these guys, from St. Johns, and the band Goddo who followed that night! Broke my ankle same night but never realized until I got home the next day. Many other great shows, Alexanders Tavern with April Wine…. Too bad there is no video of Vigilants around. Would enjoy to see them again! I have looked for a copy of the full record but impossible to find. Still have the 45 though.