Tommy Emmanuel the Guitar Boogie-man


My old pal Dominic just sent me this link that shows this fabulous guitarist called Tommy Emmanuel performing Guitar Boogie. He does some fine guitar picking on this one tune that is truly worthy of being called FANTASTIC!

The beginning part reminds me of the great guitarist Brian Setzer. Brian has this Bluesy, Jazz, Swing Rockabilly technique that stands apart from the rest of us guitar players. Tommy Emmanuel certainly has this effect in this piece and a whole bunch more.

At 0:18 of the song, he implements both solo rhythm parts perfectly. I have to work on this aspect of playing and now I have something to work work on finally.

He then breaks into wonderful flat picking that makes my tongue hit the ground at 0:34. Some people have this gift and others … I’ve never been one for playing mind bending, speed breaking solo’s because one I can’t and two it’s not me.

Another favorite part of this piece comes at 1:07. It demonstrates the semi-tone slide up to a chord that can’t help but make you tap your foot. The little chops that he puts in there, for good measure, places his musical talent bar a little higher then most of us can reach, but we MUST TRY PEOPLE!

From 1:33 to … he incorporates the use of his two bottom fingers on his right, picking hand for solo/lead phrasing and gives your pick holding fingers a real workout! I cannot emphasis this any more, to guitarist out there, that this is a technique that you should work on. It comes in handy, more often then not, in a song (or while jamming) that will help showcase you guitar diversity! Another song to help persuade you to perfect this picking style is Steve Howe’s The Clap.

I don’t want to ruin it by giving it all away, so please check this work of art out and tell me what you think of it?

Keep on Jammin’

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