Jamplay is a great educational tool


Jamplay is a fabulous site for any level of guitarists. The video tutorials are simple and easy to use. If your looking for some songs that you’ve always wanted to play or just looking to add a little extra something to your own musical style then this site might be for you.

While reading my latest version of Acoustic Guitar I found one of those annoying flyers that come inside most magazine. You know the ones. They put them on the same page of an article that you are interested in and you always have to push it aside in order to read it. Man do I most of them … except for this one.

I was just about to rip it out when I started to quickly glance over it. It looked like most irritating flyers but something made me think twice before discarding it. I then got up, turned on my computer and went to the website. It came with a password so I decided to investigate a little bit further.

After signing up as a member of Jamplay and inputting the free password that I found on the flyer, I came across a number of interesting topics on this site. On some level the Product Reviews and Forums categories got me intrigued. Then I went to another area of interest, it was the Live Q & A Instructor Schedule. I’ve never ever used a service like this before and with time dwindling away fast, I then proceeded to checkout the tunes that they had in their View Archived News video lesson’s area at the bottom of the page.

I was very impressed at what they had there. They have split most of the lessons onto 3 screens for easy viewing. If you pick a certain video to watch, go down below it and look at the breakdown of the video. It’s a smart way to get a quick overview on what is actually on the video in a text format.

This is very important if you have only a limited amount bandwidth to use from your ISP(Internet Service Provider) package. There’s nothing more frustrating then having to pay for going over your allotted download levels. The video teachers on Jamplay were breaking down songs into small sections in such a straight forward way that would make it perfect for any guitar player.

Jamplay has this other area of the site called Jam Tracks. Jam Tracks provide background music so you can practice your soloing or chord progressions all in one place. The play list has 199 styles/genres to choose from so take your time. Near the bottom there are tabs, scales to use for practicing with it and a discussion section to explore. You can even download the songs, very nice.

So if you want to see what I’m talking about, go to Jamplay.com and register for membership. In the password column put in puffyshirt and go crazy. It allows you limited area’s of the site to go and it’s only a free membership for 7 days but it’s worth it. If you do get a full membership, come on back and tell us what you think about it.

Keep on Jammin’

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  1. Michelle | Color Printing Wholesale says

    I tried to learn guitar once but it was really hard. I don’t have a lot of money so I can’t get like a real trainer or enroll in a program. I’m not very good at teaching myself.

  2. says

    Just keep on Jammin’ Michelle! As long as your havin’ fun and enjoying your guitar playing that is all that matters. The best and cheapest way to figure out how to play guitar is by jammin’ with other guitarists. You can always pick something up from a player. Most musicians love to show others how to play a song that they are doing and if not then find another one t learn from!

    Keep on Jammin’ Michelle!

  3. Lexie says

    As Chris says Michelle, just keep on trying.

    There are loads of training courses available now on the net and if you persevere you will be playing great guitar llicks in no time