All Things Strings website


I found a discarded magazine called All Things Strings on my walk today with my little dog Midnight.

At first glance, it covers most stringed instruments out there ie: Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass and Fiddle. At first glance at the magazine cover, it showed a nice picture of some musician holding a lute like instrument, that is what really grabbed my attention. Then flipping through it, it appears to be focusing on the classical music scene. I did not take it home because it was all soggy and dirty so I ripped off the part that had the website on it and then investigated it shortly after I got home.

The All Things Strings site was nicely laid out and easy to navigate. They provide the classical enthusiastic with the same Subscribe to, Shop for, Forums, overall search for schools/instructors … and Articles that most websites now a days have.

The company has a section for beginners and how to start off their musical journey. It has links to their articles about easy lessons, preparing the beginner with what to expect what they will be doing in their first year of learning their new instrument and how a violin works. It’s a nice starting point for the newbie musician.

So for all those out there that maybe interested in a resource area in the strings category of classical music then check it out and tell us if it’s worth further investigation.

Keep on Jammin’

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