Whole Lotta Love going on here


It Might Get Loud sets the bar for music documentaries.

Director Davis Guggenheim gets together rock guitar gods Jimmy Page, the Edge and Jack White for, in the words of Jimmy Page, a little chat and then something else happens!

The boys just happen to have all their instruments of honour off to the side and then it happens … Jimmy starts playing this little song called Whole Lotta Love. I don’t know if this was planned but this is the first song that is played with all three sitting together, PERFECT I say!

The other guys just melt when he begins playing. The Edge stands up to get a much closer look at how Jimmy does it (holy shit, I sure would) and it looks like Jack starts to smile and shake inside with excitement! He is trying his best not to totally freak out, check it out. This is the best part of the show!

If you haven’t see it then search for it online or go out and buy it, I guarantee you’ll love it. I did. I remember when it first came out I thought that the concept was ideal. Having three generations of guitarists in one movie talking about whatever they want to can’t be all that bad. I didn’t think that they’d actually play but I couldn’t of been more wrong.

Keep on Jammin’

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  1. plattenspieler says

    you’re absolutely right this movie is just brilliant! even though i was not as optimistic as you were in the first place.. i thought the concept could as well be boring cause it’s way to spontaneous. but the outcome’s just great!

  2. says

    Thanx for the vote of confidence Plattenspieler on my choice of documentaries!

    From the moment I heard about it, I knew that you could not go wrong with the likes of Page, the Edge and Jack White in any documentary.

    Keep on Jammin’ Buddy!