List of great Canadian Guitar Makers/luthiers


I just thought that I’d make a list of Canadian Guitar Makers or Luthiers. I feel that we, as a guitar playing community, should be aware of who and where these mast craftsmen/women are and most importantly support them! So here is a small list of them that I am aware of.

Toronto Area Linda Mazner David Wren (made 3 for Bruce Cockburn) Furan Guitars Edgar Munch William Laskin

B.C. Robert Anderson Rich Pielou Wray Guitars

Manitoba Jordan McConnell

Quebec Marc Saumier

I know that there are tons of other guitar Luthiers out there that I have obviously missed. If you know of any, please tell and I’d love to check them out and place them in this post!

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  1. John Philip says

    Interesting post, I agree that we should be aware of Canadian guitar manufacturers and support them. I wonder about the quality, not because they won’t be any good but they don’t have the brand power associated with them, like a Gibson or Fender.

  2. says

    Word of mouth is the best way for marketing now a days John. I know most of us go with a tried tested and true name but the little guys tend to surprise us all the time.

    For example, when I was looking for an acoustic I had a huge budget or up to 5,000.00 but I chose a far less expensive one over some big name companies that have been around the block forever.

    The one that I chose sounds 100 times better and plays far better then the big guys guitars! I went to the 12th Fret in Toronto and played literally for days before I came to my final pick.

    The staff there was fabulous to me and gave me lots of room to play in their little sound booth. I went into this store for 5 days and spent around 4-5 hours there. I always went to the 12th Fret as soon as they opened up and bought them a few coffees. They knew I was serious and from time to time they brought me some other guitars that I never heard of and found them a treat to play on.

    As I get older, I tend to not trust big companies. I want to support these men/women luthiers. Next time your in a guitar shop, pick up some Canadian made guitars that you have never heard of before and start jammin’, you might surprised and what you hear!

    Thanx for the comment John!