Finally a real Guitar Hero video game


Finally there is a replacement for that silly video game known as Guitar Hero, with a more challenging one called Rocksmith by Ubisoft. Rocksmith looks like an authentic Guitar playing/learning tool, not a rock game that doesn’t insult actual guitarist everywhere!

Rocksmith can be used on a PC, Xbox or PS3 system. This will allow the beginner guitarist to plug in their real guitar, either electric or acoustic. The software is set up to automatically track your playing level. It adjusts the difficulty of playing by inserting more challenging licks to play.

The song that you are working on just won’t come to an abrupt end if you make a mistake. The Rocksmoth will make the song simpler for you to play. This is a good thing for beginner guitarists who might easily get frustrated at not being able to play a particular song at first. Ego’s can truly be a very fragile thing to work with.

On a side note: Gibson is now interested in getting into this project with both feet! According to word on the street, they want to work with Ubisoft to create a bundle to sell to consumers. This bundle would be the software and an actual Gibson guitar. Don’t expect a 1957 Gold Top here guys and girls! You get what you pay for but it does sound promising.

I can’t wait to see more about this device. At first glance it appears to be a fantastic gift to give someone who wants to play guitar and has the honest to goodness drive to do so.

Keep on Jammin’

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  1. Webcam guitar lessons says

    My cousin is a big fan of Guitar Hero video games. I like to play those with him very often :) Look forward to this new version of it.

  2. alex marquez says

    “Finally there is a replacement for that silly video game known as Guitar Hero”…. I agree that Guitar Hero is past its prime and the time has come for better games. I am totally on board in stating that Rocksmith is superior in every way.