C. F. Martin Acoustic Guitar factory


The original C.F. Martin acoustic guitar factory is a place that I’d love to see before I die! Due to the fact that I’m terrified of flying, I think that driving would definitely be the route for me take. Anyone into a road trip?! It’s roughly 683 km (425 miles) from Toronto and only a 8 hour drive.

Over the years I’ve played on many Martin Guitars. Every one of them were very different in the way that they played or sound. When I was a younger, one of the small things that stuck in my mind, while playing one of these gems, was the contrasting widths of the necks.

I then started thinking to myself, with this Martin acoustic I could play a particular song on this one better on it then another one. Humm. Then while playing on a completely different Martin I could fool around with another song I would find that it was easier on this one then the one that I previously played it on and so on.

Some time later on, I came to the realization that not all Martin acoustic guitars are made exactly the same. Why where they like that? Remember I was only a 13 year old back then. I constantly thought that these guys must really know what they are doing. Over the years I would dream about where the Martin guitars were made and who these guitar makers were.

So if I walked through the doors of the original C.F. Martin plant, I bet it would be quite the experience. I bet I would be transformed back to those early days, contemplating why each guitar was unique from the other. I imagine that I might smell the scent of fresh cut wood, be exposed to some rare humidity that would be hanging in the air. The overall sense of history that you get by walking through it’s hollowed hallways would stay with me for a long time.

So considering the weather is kinda crazy this winter, I guess this video will be the next best thing to being there. Enjoy.

Here are a couple of great video tours of the C.F. Martin factory brought to you by Premier Guitar.
Part 1, 2, 3 & 4.

Remember, Guitar makers are the arms dealers of the peace movement!

Keep on Jammin’

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  1. yamaha FG700S says

    Beatifulll article, amazing to see a 175 year old tradition alive kickin and jammin:)

  2. says

    No kiddin’ Yamaha FG700S!

    After viewing it, I just had to create a post from it. In all honesty, I watched all the other parts of it around 3 times, my wife was starting to question my sanity when I thinking about seeing it yet another time. I just liked it and I’m glad you did too buddy!

    Keep on Jammin’

  3. Bill French says

    Hi, Chris,

    I just read your blog for the first time and it strikes a string in my heart.

    I live in Niagara Falls, On and I’m heading to Nazareth 4 Aug for the annual Martin Owners Club and the Unofficial Martin Guitar Forum meet held bt the MArtin Company.

    It’s a four day festival beginning on 5 Aug, Friday, with a factory tour, lunch hosted by Martin and a state of the factory address by CF Martin IV.

    Everybody usually stays at the Comfort INN in Bethlehem but that’s booked well in advance but there are many other motels around – I’m at the Hampton INN.

    There’s about 250 UMGF members going and for us it’s a Martin guitar music weekend – there are other things to do but it seems as if the music and guitars are the headliners.

    It is my first trip and I’m hoping it is going to become an annual trip.

    Here’s the url for the Martin Owners Club

    Here’s the URL for the Unofficial Martin Guitar Forum

    Hope to hear that you’re going

    Bill French

  4. says

    Now that’s a road trip that I’d call shotgun on Bill!

    Man that’s like taking a trip to the Willie Wanka Chocolate Factory if you were a kid. I only wish I had a Martin though.

    I had a Martin in mind when I was getting together with an old band of mine (it was 30 yrs since we last played together) and we were doing an acoustic gig. I went into this fantastic guitar shop in East end Toronto called the 12th Fret.

    I played every acoustic in their stock, that I thought was worthy of picking on, for 6 days straight, for around 6 hours each day. It was amazing to see the staff just leave me alone and do my thing. They probably did this because they knew that I was serious about picking something up.

    I tried so many Martins, about 10 in fact, and I dedicated tons of time on each and every one. I tried playing so many different styles, approaches, tonal quality pieces on them that it must have made most peoples head spin just watching me. I swear to God some of them must of thought that I was just some kind of a remedial guitar player!

    In the end I picked up this very responsive Larrivee – L03

    My Larrivee is exactly what I was looking/dreaming for. The tonal quality is what I have been seeking in an acoustic for many years. The sustain is to die for in my eyes. The neck is nice and wide for finger picking, which I need lots of room for, just too bad I didn’t have bigger fingers so I can use my thumb for bass runs. People don’t realize how lucky they are if they are blessed with them!

    So Bill I hope that you don’t think that I’m a fool for not playing/purchasing one? The Martin name is legendary and the list of classic tunes that we all love to hear and tap our feet to is endless. My nephew Patrick picked up a John Mayer 00 and he loves it to death! I’m going to have a check it out later and maybe, just maybe I’ll find the Martin on my dreams!

    Great comment Bill and I hope that you’ll come back and visit us here soon.

    Have a Safe journey Bill.