iPOD Touch Apps to look into


I’ve been looking into Apps for a while now and my nephew just told me about a few that I’ve listed below. He says that they are really cool and that a few of his buddies have picked up a few of these ones.

While checking out a few forums here and there, I’m not sure which ones would be worth looking into. Any good idea’s or direction of which or any of the Apps below I should focus on?

(1) Pocket Amp, pocketlabworks.com

(2) in Tuna Strobturner

(3) Guitar wp App, guitarwepapp.com

(4) Steel guitar yonac.com/software

(5) Guitar interval ear training, Rolf Steenay

(6) Play this note, bignerdranch.com

(7) Amps and cabs, groundupaudio.com

(8) Ampkit vs Amplitube

Keep on Jammin’

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  1. Ginger@web based usenet says

    Satisfying the apps choices I picked Ampkit vs Amplitude and the Guitar Interval Ear training. Since techno’s taken off …the variety of choices and the quality time spent makes the art of versatility another way to groove. Goodluck with enhancing your style.

  2. says

    Interesting that you chose Ampkit over Amplitude. I’ve been hearing more people getting Amplitude and I was wondering how/why did you come to this conclusion?

    Thanx for the comment Ginger!