Top 5 Rock Guitarists Who Will Stalk Your Soul Forever


The invention of the electric guitar revolutionized the music industry, giving birth to rock and roll. Almost instantly, the electric guitar became a symbol of Cultural Revolution, musical rebellion and rock music. A combination of a solo instrument as well as a rhythm player, the electric guitar’s popularity started rocketing as artists and rock bands starting experimenting and mastering new sounds, effects, textures and various techniques. This article is about a few of such guitar maestros’ who have changed the way we listen to rock music – forever.

Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix is arguably known to be one of the most creative guitarists and probably the greatest instrumentalist in the history of rock music. By playing close to the amplifier and cranking up the distortion, he showed creative and unique cutting-edge guitar effects. Hendrix was also famous for the fact that he could play the guitar using his right hand and his teeth or he could also play behind his back and between his legs. This indisputably makes him the greatest guitarist ever in the world of rock and roll.

Eric Clapton

Known as one of the most all-rounded musicians of all time, Eric Clapton’s influence in the world of Blues/Rock is undeniable. Clapton is often remembered for his wonderful solos, his songwriting, his creativity as well as the mood and feeling that could be felt when he played the guitar. Moreover, he is the only triple inductee into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and has 17 Grammy’s to his name, which make him all the more legendary and outstanding.

Jimmy Page

The lead guitarist of one of the best Rock bands ever, Led Zeppelin, Jimmy Page is one of the most brilliant and versatile guitarists and songwriters that the world of rock has ever produced. Page is known for his innovative studio techniques and dynamics, his immaculate timing and rhythms and his songwriting ability. Right from folk, to blues to metal; his style, technique and talent are something that can’t go unnoticed, etching his name bold and deep in the world of rock.

Brian May

Do you still sway to songs like “Bohemian Rhapsody”, “Friends will be Friends”, and “Radio Ga Ga”? Breathtaking vocals by lead singer, Freddie Mercury, and Brian May on the guitar made Queen one of the most popular bands ever. Extremely intelligent and multitalented, May is known for his distinct and superb guitar tones, his intricate and melodious guitar solos and beautiful guitar riffs. Slightly underrated than the rest, Brian May still remains as one the best guitarists ever.

David Gilmour

If there’s any guitarist who puts the maximum heart and soul into his music, it’s got to be David Gilmour – the legendary lead singer and guitarist from the band, Pink Floyd. An amazingly talented guitarist and vocalist, Gilmour’s style of bending and re-bending notes is what makes his music so melodic and entrancing. Listen to his quintessential solos in songs like “Comfortably Numb”, “Money”, “Time”, “Coming back to Life”, “Shine on You Crazy Diamond” and others combined with his clear and pure vocals, and more likely than not, you will feel shivers run down your spine. His pure talent and passion makes him remarkably special and his work, timeless.

There are literally hundreds of other fantastic and talented guitarists who have made timeless contributions in the field of rock and roll, but these five definitely top the list!

Derek rock is a student by day and a DJ at night. He is a skilful guitarist and is passionate about music. He believes that nothing can beat the high created by playing an electric guitar in a club filled with people dancing on its tune.

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