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As a piano student you will typically be introduced to the music of Mozart, Beethoven and Bach. However, there happens to be many more modern day classical pianists who displayed just as much talent and musical ability as these geniuses. Classical piano playing has given way to the modern tones of jazz and even eventually the electronic keyboard, although there were a number of greats who featured throughout the 20th century and maintained the melodies of years gone by.

Glen Gould

Glen Gould hailed from Canada and spent much of his time in the recording studio, as opposed to on stage. He was well-known for his eccentric behavior and favored the music of Bach. He could most commonly be heard playing his own versions of classical works and toured extensively up until the age of 32. He took to the studio rather than concerts from 1964, but unfortunately a stroke some 18 years later ended the life of possibly one of the greatest modern pianists at the mere age of 50. However, his legend lives on as many of his recordings have been re-released and are heard to this very day.

Arthur Rubenstein

Born in Poland in 1887, Rubinstein’s early life was more of a worry than anything else to his parents. He didn’t speak until the age of three and displayed some very unusual behavior as a youngster. In fact, he was prone to tantrums and outbursts from an early age. However, he first performed in New York at the age of 19 and his talent was obvious for the world to see. He continued touring up until the age of 89 in 1976, but his failing eyesight and hearing eventually put paid to his musical career. He passed away a few years later in 1982, but Rubenstein is still well remembered among the musicians of today.

Sergei Rachmaninoff

Rachmaninoff was not only a classical pianist, but also a conductor and composer. He was known for his huge hand span and even more imposing frame. Technically he was a superb pianist and this probably had much to do with his 12 inch hand span, which allowed him to easily reach across the keys. He also stood at an extremely intimidating height of 6 foot and 6 inches. Rachmaninoff wasn’t much of an academic, but showed an extraordinary talent for the piano, which was no doubt further inspired when he met with Peter Tchaikovsky. He moved from Russia to the United States in 1918 and performed regularly in concerts for the next 25 years until he sadly passed away from cancer.

Myra Hess

It’s great to see a female pianist in what was often considered a male-dominated instrument. Hess hailed from the UK and started playing the piano aged just 5. Even then she displayed extreme talent and even toured throughout Europe from the age of seventeen. She also later toured America and her talent was plain for everyone to see. Hess played in a number of free concerts in London for the public during the Second World War and these were received with much appreciation and warmth. In fact, this will probably explain why there is still so much interest in Hess’s career.

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James Holden works for Affordable Piano Movers & Storage, which is a company offering piano and moving services at the best prices.He is an enthusiastic and happy go lucky person and also a huge movie bluff. Visit for more information.

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How To Develop Yourself Through Music Fri, 05 Jul 2013 12:05:35 +0000 A lot of people aspire to be part of the music industry in some way. The more creative pathways are often dismissed, or looked at as being unrealistic. When someone asks what you would like to do with your life, it may be hard to be comfortable replying with “I’d like to be in a band” or “I want to be a famous pop star.” However, just because dreams are big, it does not mean they cannot be achieved. When someone doesn’t try to reach their aspiration, the biggest goals go from being improbable to impossible.

Becoming a Musician

Learning, developing, or mastering a talent can be difficult, but fortunately, there are many experts who provide services and teaching that allow people to reach their full potential. Within music, there are many skills and teachings on offer. Those include, musical instrument tutoring, songwriting tutoring, vocal coaching, music theory teaching, and performance coaching.

Many providers offer specialized subjects. Some offer an all-round music teaching experience, focusing on how to create a well-rounded musician. For those who are interested in specializing in a particular interest within music, those specialist subject tutors will be most beneficial, for example, Pro Music Tutor offer guitar and saxophone techniques. You can simply visit the Pro Music Tutor website and purchase lessons in the form of video tutorials, taught by professional musicians.

The Benefits of Music

MusicMost people view music as serving only the purpose of enjoyment. However, studies have shown that music has a number of other benefits, for people of all ages. The UK Government website provides a whole file on the advantages of music. This addresses a specific section dedicated to progression and excellence, highlighting the ways in which children and young people’s development can benefit through music.

Do Something supports this information with their comments about studies taken that show brain development increases and quickens in elementary level children involved in music lessons.

Music is also used as a therapeutic tool in vulnerable people of all ages. Music therapy creates sensory development, and encourages physical, mental and emotional responses.

Adults may benefit from music as using it as a tool for stress relief, relaxation, and social experiences.

Music Teaching

Learning music may not always be for those wishing to become musicians. People often wish to take those skills and teach them to others, as do the specialist tutors on Pro Music Tutor. People can also take their musical skills and acquire other necessary qualifications to be music therapists, composers, or school teachers.

Music plays an important role in personal development; although people may have a main objective and agenda in learning a musical skill of some kind, for example, the sheer fun or it, or to be part of a famous girl band, there will be additional benefits that people may not even be aware are happening. These contributing benefits are even more reasons as to why people should be encouraged to learn music in some capacity. There are a number of career opportunities within music, but you’ve got to be in it to win it.

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Nidia Guerrais an avid music lover and has tried his hand at learning a number of music instruments. Robert has found each experience enjoyable and beneficial.

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Home Studios – The Best Way To Demo Your Band! Tue, 11 Jun 2013 12:06:06 +0000

 Home Studios – The Best Way to Demo Your Band!

If you’re in a band you’ll know that you will only get so far without demos. After a bit of live gigging you’ll be feeling match fit and that’s the time to start thinking about getting some demos done. If you have already spent some time looking into this then you’ll know the costs involved. Hiring a studio for the day is expensive and that’s before you add on the extra costs for example an engineer and producer. Assuming you can get it all done in a day (which will be a battle in itself) you’ll then have to pay for the track or tracks to be mixed and mastered and finally produced. It’s a big exercise and one that not many bands can afford without financial backing.

The way forward is to do it yourself! Your set up costs won’t be anything near as much as getting it done professionally. Ok it may be flawed but the people who are going to listen are going to know you’re on a budget so they will make allowances for that. The beauty of doing it this way is that once you are set you can record as much as you like at a pace that suits you. You’ll be far more relaxed when you’re not on a deadline. Here’s how to get started:

What You’ll Need

You’ll need some audio recording software such as Cubase or ProTools. If you’re on a real budget you can find free downloads of similar software without as many bells and whistles. Then you’ll need some decent microphones. The drum kit will need to be mic’d up (with a bass mic in the bass drum) and any instruments without Direct Inputs will need ambient microphones. The one thing you should really invest in is a really good quality vocal condenser mic, as the clarity of your vocals is really important. Guitars can be plugged into a mixing desk (which you probably already have if you have your own PA). Once you’ve got all this you’re pretty much good to go!

The Room

There’s another thing to think about before you start though. You’ll need to record in a room that is suitable. Some people use garages or rooms that aren’t used much – the last thing you want is loads of people coming in and out. Lock the doors so you are not disturbed and it’s really important that you get some insulation foam up on the walls. This will act as a sound-proofer so your neighbours won’t get too angry, and it will also soak up any echoes meaning you will get a much dryer sound to record with.

Once you’ve got your room and all your gear ready it’s time to get that epic album down on record! Start by laying down the drums, bass and guide vocals. Add in the guitars once by one and when you’re totally happy then throw the proper vocals (making sure you remove the guide!). Get it mixed, mastered and produced and start selling it (and start paying off the gear!).

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The contributor of this post, Sam Wellback, is a music producer and likes to reach out to his audience through his blogs. He likes to write about ways to record demo songs at home. He also shares factors that should be kept in mind while recording, such as insulation of the recording room and prerequisite audio recording software like Cubase or Pro Tools etc.

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Forget The Beatles, We’re Going To Be Massive! – Forming Your First Band Mon, 03 Jun 2013 12:06:29 +0000

If you have been playing your instrument for a little while and have started to get a bit fed up of posing in the mirror, maybe it’s time to think about forming a band? Music is supposed to be shared and you will have 4 times as much fun if you ask your buddies to join in. You may be a little worried about where to begin, this article will give you a few tips and you will soon be on your way to rock and roll stardom, hopefully!

You Need Musicians!


Sorry for stating the obvious, but this is where it all begins. You will need a drummer, a bassist, at least one guitarist and a singer. This is easier said than done, most youngsters tend to start off playing guitar and there ends up being an excess of ‘axemen’ as a result. Drummers and bassists are particularly hard to come by, not many parents will relish the thought of their Sunday afternoon being ruined by a twenty minute drum solo. It is a good idea to choose mates, especially if you are still at school or college. If they are really bad, just tell them or you risk months or even years of musical torture.

Musical Style


You should all be on the same page regarding the genre you wish to represent, choose something that you all like, or otherwise there will be a split before too long. Think about your vocalist and his ability. It’s no good starting up a Led Zeppelin tribute band, if the singer can’t hold a tune. Your image also needs some consideration, in fact, these days the image is more important than the talent, sadly. As well as the style and the image, you have to find a name that is worthy of your time. Pick something unique with a little twist, alternatively just ask the next person on the street for a random name.


This is where all of the hard work begins, and you can often end up hating the drummer or the vocalist after 30 minutes in a practice room. Bad habits will come to the fore and you need some real staying power to craft some tunes out of the mess you will start off creating. You should aim to rehearse for at least 2 or 3 hours once a week, after 3 months you should be able to hold a tune. If you can’t do any song justice, take a look at your group and think about the weak link.

The First Gig

Once you are confident that you don’t suck too badly, why not see if you can get a support gig somewhere locally? Pick a band that you know and see if they are happy to let you die on stage before they do. Choose a set list of about 10 songs and continue practicing as much as possible. When the big day, or night, arrives, just give it your best shot and have some fun. It will probably just be a blur and you will not remember too much about it.

No Looking Back

If your band has made it this far, you have outlasted about 80% of new bands already! Just keep on improving and honing your craft, one day you may just be quite good!

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Mike Miller is the author of today’s guest post. He is passionate about music and that’s what led him to work for Music Mart- a music school specializing in training amateur musicians. It is also a retailer of musical instruments.

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Biggest Mistakes Made By Beginning Guitar Players Mon, 20 May 2013 12:20:19 +0000 When learning to play the guitar, even if you use the best guitar lessons online, you still want to use all the resources your online guitar lessons offer.

There is so much to learn when it comes to guitars that go beyond finger placement and strumming. Learning to play an instrument is similar to learning mechanics, you have to fully understand a car before you can fix it. Taking advantage of the resources including blogs can make learning to play the guitar a little bit easier for everyone.

This blog is going to highlight an example of the different resources that can assist you in learning to play the guitar through the best online resources.This blog is going to highlight the top biggest mistakes beginning guitarists make.

They Don’t Practice With A Beat

A metronome is a device used to help musicians to keep track of the beats without having to count to yourself. These machines can be helpful when it comes to first learning guitar. The ticking sound may be annoying to some people, but the ticks are what your music should be following.

If you don’t want to use a metronome, you may also want to consider a drumbeat that can be programmed and played through machines and keyboards.

Not Using Their Finger Properly

Finger placement is one of the biggest mistakes that beginners make when learning to play the guitar. Since guitar strings are so thin, it can be uncomfortable pushing the strings down to make chords. Since the strings are already making your fingers sore, it could be a player’s instinct to use the lower parts of their fingers rather than the tips.

It is important to use the tips of your fingers when playing the guitar to get the correct sound from the strings. Though it may be painful on the fingers, your fingers will eventually get used to the pain and stop hurting, however, only if you use the tips of your fingers correctly to get past the initial hurt.

Practicing What You Can Play

This one may raise some eyebrows, but practicing what you can play is one of the biggest mistakes that beginners can make. If you sit down and only play the stuff you know how to play, you are never going to get past what you already know. When you are learning to play the guitar, you need to challenge yourself to new things in order to get better.

Practice makes perfect. If you want to run through what you already know as a warm up, that is fine, but you need to try new stuff during your practice session to get any better.

When you are first learning to play the guitar, it can be difficult and challenging, but that is what makes the guitar so intriguing to play. Even if you are learning through the best online guitar lessons, you still want to take advantage of all the resources, especially those that offer advice.

This resource is attempting to help you avoid making the most common mistakes that beginning guitar players make, helping you on your journey to learn guitar.

Robert has been in the music industry for the past 10 years. His publications highlight the best online guitar lessons for prospective guitar players to learn the guitar at their own speed from the advice of professional guitar players.

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Two Unique Ways To Learn Guitar For Beginners Fri, 29 Mar 2013 12:08:01 +0000 If you’ve just purchased you’re first guitar, or maybe you’ve had one for a while and haven’t started learning yet, either way take a couple of minutes to read this article. I won’t be offering a bunch of free beginner guitar lessons, or tips. However I do want to talk to you about the two options you have to learn to play guitar as a beginner.

Whether you want to learn electric or acoustic guitar, rock or classical there are two specific paths you can take. One will have you playing songs in no time, the other takes a bit longer but is the path to mastery of the guitar.

Start learning to Master the guitar today!

Path 1: Learn Fast, and how to play songs ASAP

The first path that beginner guitar players can take provides gratification faster, but can also cause you to plateau with your learning a lot quicker. Some beginner guitar lessons focus on teaching you how to play basic chords, and then how to strum easy guitar songs. The focus is on teaching you how to play songs.

For those that want to learn to play guitar so they can play songs at parties and around the campfire, this method is most likely for you.

Common points that are covered in these types of beginner guitar lessons are

  • How to read guitar tabs
  • Learning guitar chords
  • Guitar chord charts
  • Strumming patterns and timing

These types of easy guitar lessons are solely focused around getting you playing something you’re familiar with as quickly as possible. This might be all you want from your guitar learning process, and that’s fine. However I think everyone should understand what they might be giving up on if they choose this path to beginner guitar lessons.

Ready to start learning yet?

Path 2: In depth beginner guitar lessons, teaching theory, music reading, and technique

The other alternative to beginner guitar lessons could also be considered the gate way into other styles of guitar playing. Most beginners will start with either acoustic or electric guitar lessons, and then refine their style as they advance, possibly into rock, jazz or classical.

More in depth beginner guitar lessons take longer to get to the song playing level, but they spend more time on teaching you theory and how to read music before getting into teaching you songs.

Learning beginner guitar music and theory provides you with a solid foundation that you can build on as you learn to play songs. The fact is learning to play an E, A, G and D chord isn’t that hard. Yes it takes a bit of time to feel comfortable with your fingers in those positions but overall it’s not that tough.

The tough part is when it comes to understanding why A chord is an A chord. Then if you want to learn how to play lead guitar (soloing) you’ must learn scales, and about the different keys (if this doesn’t make sense to you right now, don’t worry it all will eventually).

Again this stuff isn’t difficult to understand, but you should learn it in the correct order if you for see yourself wanting to jam with others, play in a band or write some of your own songs.

One thing I want to clarify, I’m not saying that you can’t learn scales, theory, or how to read music if you start with the first method we discussed. It’s totally possible to learn all of these things after learning basic guitar chords. It’s just easier to take beginner guitar lessons that are structured to teach you the right skills in a logical order.

What are the best alternatives for Beginner Guitar Lessons?

If you want to get up to speed quickly with your guitar then I recommend you check out Learn and Master Guitar. This course covers a lot of ground and will give you well over a year’s worth of material to cover as a beginner.

This course is the most in-depth and easiest to follow of any beginner guitar program I’ve come across, both in workbook and video formats. The videos are produced at a very high quality, and the level of play that this lesson pack can take you to is huge! I’d guess there is probably as much as 2 year’s worth of material in the Learn and Master Guitar series depending on how fast you decide to digest it all.

JP is a passionate blogger with great interest in music and various musical instruments, she recently started to get some guitar lessons online.

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4 Incredible Gifts That Will Capture A Music Lovers Heart Mon, 25 Mar 2013 12:27:57 +0000 Can any of you imagine life without music? Just like our body needs food to survive, similarly, our soul needs a little bit of music every now and then. Who doesn’t like music? We all like listening to music – be it a particular genre, a particular band, a certain instrument or maybe any music that our mood fancies. However, for some people, music holds a tad more meaning in their life than a mere “like”. These are people who love music and are deeply passionate about it, and connect with it more than the rest of us. When it comes to buying a suitable gift for such music buffs, look no further than the following four amazing gift ideas.

A set of swanky speakers

One must admit that most of the in-built speakers that we have in our computers, phones, notebooks, laptops or tablets, are not up to the mark and give out an awful sound. For a person who literally eats drinks and sleeps music, what could be a better gift than an incredible sound system? Consider gifting a set of stylish and sleek speakers to that special music lover in your life. Besides, there are so many different options available in the market these days, suitable for almost any budget range. Apart from different styles, designs, and sizes, you could also opt for sleek portable speakers, that can be connected to a number of devices such as you mp3 player, iPod, smart phone, tablet and so on.

High-quality headphones or earphones

Gift a music lover a good pair of quality headphones or earphones and you will never go wrong. There are literally tons and tons of well-known brands that sell a variety of earphones and headphones available in different colors and styles. Whether used while travelling, working out in the gym, or simply while taking a stroll down the park, a pair of class headphones or earphones take the quality of sound to a different level altogether. Moreover, if you’re okay with stretching your pocket a bit, you can even get a pair of wireless headphones that can connect to your devices via Bluetooth. Perfect.

T-shirts and other gift accessories

Is your music lover a hardcore rock music fan? Does he/she worship bands like Metallica, Pink Floyd or maybe The Beatles? That feeling when you strut out proudly wearing a t-shirt of your favorite rock band is simply a great feeling and leaves you grinning all day. Go check out your nearest market or the mall and you’ll definitely find plenty of popular rock band t-shirts to lay your hands on. Or to make things easier, you can also sit at home and check out some popular shopping websites online! If not t-shirts, you could go for some funky gift accessories such as guitar key chains, rock band themed wallets or bandanas, cell phone covers, tattoo sleeves, guitar picks, and whatever more you can think of.

Tickets for a rock concert

Are there any local bands performing in any of those happening pubs in town? Any popular rock bands scheduled to perform live in your city? If yes, stop procrastinating and book surprise tickets for your loved one now! Make sure you do the bookings in advance while the tickets are cheaper!

These were four incredible gift ideas that bound to impress any music lover.

This guest post is by Lilly Jones, who works at Addicted to Audio, sellers of headphones, speakers, and headphone amplifiers. She uses guest posting to share her knowledge and opinions about the world of music.

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Top 5 Rock Guitarists Who Will Stalk Your Soul Forever Sun, 10 Feb 2013 13:38:33 +0000 The invention of the electric guitar revolutionized the music industry, giving birth to rock and roll. Almost instantly, the electric guitar became a symbol of Cultural Revolution, musical rebellion and rock music. A combination of a solo instrument as well as a rhythm player, the electric guitar’s popularity started rocketing as artists and rock bands starting experimenting and mastering new sounds, effects, textures and various techniques. This article is about a few of such guitar maestros’ who have changed the way we listen to rock music – forever.

Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix is arguably known to be one of the most creative guitarists and probably the greatest instrumentalist in the history of rock music. By playing close to the amplifier and cranking up the distortion, he showed creative and unique cutting-edge guitar effects. Hendrix was also famous for the fact that he could play the guitar using his right hand and his teeth or he could also play behind his back and between his legs. This indisputably makes him the greatest guitarist ever in the world of rock and roll.

Eric Clapton

Known as one of the most all-rounded musicians of all time, Eric Clapton’s influence in the world of Blues/Rock is undeniable. Clapton is often remembered for his wonderful solos, his songwriting, his creativity as well as the mood and feeling that could be felt when he played the guitar. Moreover, he is the only triple inductee into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and has 17 Grammy’s to his name, which make him all the more legendary and outstanding.

Jimmy Page

The lead guitarist of one of the best Rock bands ever, Led Zeppelin, Jimmy Page is one of the most brilliant and versatile guitarists and songwriters that the world of rock has ever produced. Page is known for his innovative studio techniques and dynamics, his immaculate timing and rhythms and his songwriting ability. Right from folk, to blues to metal; his style, technique and talent are something that can’t go unnoticed, etching his name bold and deep in the world of rock.

Brian May

Do you still sway to songs like “Bohemian Rhapsody”, “Friends will be Friends”, and “Radio Ga Ga”? Breathtaking vocals by lead singer, Freddie Mercury, and Brian May on the guitar made Queen one of the most popular bands ever. Extremely intelligent and multitalented, May is known for his distinct and superb guitar tones, his intricate and melodious guitar solos and beautiful guitar riffs. Slightly underrated than the rest, Brian May still remains as one the best guitarists ever.

David Gilmour

If there’s any guitarist who puts the maximum heart and soul into his music, it’s got to be David Gilmour – the legendary lead singer and guitarist from the band, Pink Floyd. An amazingly talented guitarist and vocalist, Gilmour’s style of bending and re-bending notes is what makes his music so melodic and entrancing. Listen to his quintessential solos in songs like “Comfortably Numb”, “Money”, “Time”, “Coming back to Life”, “Shine on You Crazy Diamond” and others combined with his clear and pure vocals, and more likely than not, you will feel shivers run down your spine. His pure talent and passion makes him remarkably special and his work, timeless.

There are literally hundreds of other fantastic and talented guitarists who have made timeless contributions in the field of rock and roll, but these five definitely top the list!

Derek rock is a student by day and a DJ at night. He is a skilful guitarist and is passionate about music. He believes that nothing can beat the high created by playing an electric guitar in a club filled with people dancing on its tune.

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4 Tricks To Improve The Sound Quality Of Your Headphones Fri, 21 Dec 2012 14:49:32 +0000 In spite of the fact that some people do not mind spending a small fortune on a state-of-the-art pair of headphones with a limited three year warranty, they do get upset when the quality of the sound is ghastly. Unfortunately, in the vast majority of cases the poor sound quality stems from the fact that they did not purchase the right pair to start with. In other words, when it comes to headsets, it is best to shop around until you find something that suits you, rather than acquire an expensive pair of earpieces only simply because they are popular. The good news is that even if you did get stuck with a pair of headphones with poor sound quality, there are still a few hacks you could try before storing them away for good. Let’s elaborate!

1. Try to clean them first

Even though cleaning the earpieces regularly might seem intuitive, you would be surprised about the number of people who “forget” about this little aspect. In the eventuality that you notice the sound in your headphones has decreased lately, then it is time to clean them up. Besides, washing them is a fairly easy activity as you all need to do is wipe them with a mildly wet cloth and soft soap. In case they include metal parts that are extremely dirty, then you can clean them with a toothbrush.

2. Are you using them properly?

While this is surely not the only pair of headphones you had, it is necessary to point out that no earpiece is like the other. To put it simply, it could very well be that you grew accustomed to your old pair of headsets so much that you are using your new headphones in a similar manner. This is especially true for the in-ear buds and a good method of getting the best sound out of them is to “tinker” with them until they feel comfortable and the sound improves.

3. You could turn them into speakers

If the cleaning did not do the trick, then you could always try to turn them into speakers. More often than not, people often find themselves in the situation when they would absolutely love to listen to some music while cleaning the house, organizing their desk or doing a repetitive task. Sadly, the only thing they actually have in their home is a pair of headsets. However, did you know that you could attach two paper cups to the earpieces and transform them into veritable speakers? And, the best part is that this “construction” also improves the quality of the sound.

4. Integrate some noise isolating features

In the eventuality that regardless of what you do, you keep hearing the background noise rather than your favorite music, then you should consider adding some noise isolating features. The open pair headsets’ sound quality can be boosted exponentially if you attach it to a nice set of industrial earmuffs, whereas for the in-ear buds you can use some earplug foam to isolate the background sound. As a side note, there are plenty of DIY guides on the web as well as specialized services that could lend you a hand in this case.

Featured images:

Richard Simpson loves technology and music. He works with a premier online headphones retailer based in Australia.

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How to Get the Most Out of Your Next Concert Mon, 17 Dec 2012 14:01:44 +0000 Concerts are great and can set the stage for some of the most memorable days of our lives but if not properly planned; they just aren’t going to go as well. If you have a concert on the way or are looking to find one to go to in the near future, then you may want to take some of our tips into consideration. We want to make sure you have the best day that you possibly can and get rid of all the stresses of everyday life because we know how hard you guys work for your money!

Be Prepared for All Types of Weather

The best thing you can ever do when leaving the house is expect the unexpected. Sure, the weather may be sunny and beautiful today but you never know when that could change. Might as well always have a blanket, pillow and spare jacket in the car because it’s always best to be safe than sorry. Can you imagine how awful it would be if you were to be extremely excited for a show and then freeze the entire time? That’s not going to make for a very good experience.

Make Sure You Have Plenty of Cash

Another thing you want to avoid is going to a show to realize you forgot your money or didn’t bring enough. Each show is going to have unique items and you really want to cash in when you can. Let’s face it, even if you tell yourself you aren’t going to buy anything; there is bound to be at least one item that you feel you can’t possibly leave the show without buying. Whether it be a new hoodie, a CD or even a poster; allow yourself the luxury to leave with something to remind you of the day.

Go with a Friend

While going to concerts can be a neat experience, going with a close friend is going to be much more exciting. It’s a lot easier to get lost in the moment and dance around when you have someone there to be silly with. Plus, during breaks you will have someone to talk to. Don’t forget to bring a camera to take pictures along the way so you can share the day with those who weren’t able to make it. Can we say, ‘new profile picture’?

Buy Tickets Early On

If you’re one of those people who likes to wait until the last minute, do yourself a favor and never do it when it comes to concert tickets. All this is going to do is give you a hard time. By buying early you are typically going to be able to get great seats (if they have them) and a better price. Of course, you should always shop around to make sure you are getting the most for your money. Nothing is worse than realizing your favorite show is completely sold out and you have to wait until next year.

Barned Tison is one of the leading ad man and entertainment reviewer. His articles consist reviews of concerts, shows, etc. So go out and read those articles before you’re shown ‘Sold Out Concert Tickets‘ sign boards.

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